Biography of the artist

Hi. When I think about a biography, this one question sticks in my mind: Does it even matter who I am? Do I express my feelings through my music or is it just a random arrangement of notes and melodies that come out of my head? Am I only influenced by the music and noises I hear throughout the day, and if so, how much of the music I release is ultimately even created from my own thoughts?

With that in mind, I'd like to give you who might be a little interested a little insight into who I am. I was born on 20th February 1998 in a small town in Germany called L├╝denscheid, where I grew up and made a lot of my music. I actually started making music when I was 10 years old, but unfortunately the projects I started with all disappeared due to hardware problems. Honestly, I'm just someone who likes to make music, and from time to time I release it. If you like my music, great! If you don't like my music, you probably wouldn't even be reading this - or maybe you're just someone who knows me and doesn't want to hurt my irrelevant feelings. Whatever it is, you really should get a job.