Biography of the artist

Hello, wanderer of the digital music plains. You've stumbled upon me, Marian Klose, and for reasons unbeknownst to both of us, you're curious. Who am I? A question philosophers might debate if they had incredibly low standards for philosophical debate.

Chapter 1: In the Beginning, There Was Noise

Born on a day when the stars probably did something fascinating (20th February 1998), in a place you've never heard of and Google Maps hesitates to locate (Lüdenscheid, Germany), my journey into music began. Like all great stories, it started with a bang—or in my case, a series of incoherent noises that I insisted were music. At the tender age of 10, armed with nothing but a computer plagued with the reliability of a chocolate teapot, I embarked on my quest to make music. The projects of my youth vanished into the ether, victims of the digital abyss, leaving behind a trail of what-ifs and if-onlys.

Chapter 2: The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Fast forward through the years of adolescent angst and questionable fashion choices, my relationship with music evolved. I often ponder: Do I create music, or does music create me? Am I a maestro of melodies, or merely a conduit for the cacophony of sounds that bombard my ears daily? These are the questions that haunt me, somewhere between my third cup of coffee and my existential dread of emails.

Chapter 3: The Symphony of Sarcasm

Here's the deal: I make music. Sometimes it's the kind of music that makes you reflect on life, love, and the fleeting nature of happiness. Other times, it's the kind that makes you wonder if I left the metronome on by accident. It's a wild ride, and I'm as surprised as anyone about where we end up.

If you like my tunes, fantastic—you're a person of impeccable taste and probably enjoy the finer things in life, like artisanal bread or silent films. If you don't, well, I admire your patience for making it this far. Perhaps you're a friend, a foe, or just someone with an excessive amount of free time. Regardless, I salute you.

Chapter 4: The Echoes of Lüdenscheid

Lüdenscheid, my hometown, is where my heart lies and where my music often finds its roots. It's a place of inspiration, perspiration, and the occasional transportation strike. Growing up here has infused my music with a unique blend of local folklore, urban sounds, and the universal theme of "trying to make it." It's a tapestry of experiences, woven with threads of ambition, nostalgia, and the occasional existential crisis.

Chapter 5: The Digital Age and the Disappearing Acts

In an age where music is as disposable as last year's smartphone model, I strive to make something lasting. Sure, my early work has vanished into the digital void, a casualty of my ongoing battle with technology. But, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of a warranty void, I've emerged more resilient, more determined, and significantly better at backing up my files.

Chapter 6: The Philosophy of Sound

At the end of the day, or the beginning, depending on when you read this, music is my way of navigating the world. It's both a shield and a sword, a means to express the inexpressible, to capture the fleeting moments of joy, sorrow, and the mundane. It's a dialogue with the universe, a way to say, "I am here, I feel, therefore I jam."

Chapter 7: The Invitation

So, dear listener, as you venture through the sonic landscapes I've crafted, know that you're on a journey through my mind, my heart, and occasionally, my sense of humor. It's a trip worth taking, or so I've been told by my most loyal fan—hi, mom.

Epilogue: The Call to Arms (Or Ears)

If my music resonates with you, I'm glad we've found each other in this vast digital expanse. If not, I appreciate your curiosity and hope you find what you're looking for, even if it's not here. Remember, in a world filled with noise, finding your melody is all that matters—whether it's through my music or the random sound of life happening around you.

Until our paths cross again, in the realms of Spotify or the great beyond, keep listening, keep questioning, and above all, keep playing your own tune. Or, you know, just skip all that soul-searching babble and listen to my music instead—it's a lot less effort and arguably more enjoyable.