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2024-03-22: Only You (Extended Mix)

After "Only You" was one of the main songs on the album "There Is No Place Like Home", it's time for an extended mix and here it is. You can buy the extended mix and the instrumental on Bandcamp to support me.

2024-02-23: Mångata (Single)

"Mångata" is a Swedish word that refers to the glimmering, road-like reflection that the moon creates on water. It's a unique term that vividly captures this specific and beautiful natural phenomenon, often seen as a path of light extending across a body of water, like a lake or the ocean, under the light of the moon. The word is a compound of "måne" meaning moon, and "gata" meaning street or road, thus literally translating to "moonstreet" or "moonpath." This term is one of those wonderful words found in some languages that encapsulates a specific, often poetic concept in a single word.

2023-11-24: Mixed Feelings (Single/EP)

"A broken heart cannot simply be replaced."

I've channeled deep emotions into creating two new tracks, exploring the realms of drum and bass and dubstep. Born from a place of melancholy, these pieces are a profound expression of my journey through a period of depression. They're not just songs, but echoes of a soul seeking solace and understanding through the power of music.

With their completion, I feel a sense of profound fulfillment and peace, a testament to the healing power of artistic expression. 

2023-09-27: There Is No Place Like Home (Album)

Following more than two years of anticipation, I'm thrilled to announce that my new album, "There Is No Place Like Home," was released on September 27th. Several of its tracks were unveiled as singles in advance, and this album masterfully weaves them together into a compelling narrative that I believe many can relate to.

The album spans across various genres and styles, reflecting the diverse range of my previous work. Over the past year, I dedicated myself to completing this project, despite my demanding schedule due to my studies. It brings me immense joy to finally present it to the world.

2023-09-08: Cyperbunkers (with JNGK)

After months of work, I can finally announce that "Cyperbunkers" is now available on all platforms!

Building bridges from Hagen to Hanoi together with JNGK - as this is my first real collaboration release. I tried my hand at a genre I've never done before. And after a lot of editing of the different sounds, something I never thought of before came out. Hope you like the song as much as we do!

2023-08-18: Only You (Single)

"Only You" - my new Liquid Drum & Bass single - is now available on all platforms!

2023-07-28: Don't Let Me Down (Single)

"Don't Let Me Down" is now available on all platforms!

2023-06-30: Redlight (Single)

I released my new single "Redlight" on all platforms (Instrumental Mix included)!

2023-05-19: My remix of "In My Soul"

In May, I took part in a remix competition by SNAILS. You can listen to my remix on SoundCloud and YouTube!

2023-02-17: All Night (Single)

"All Night" is now available on all platforms!

2023-01-06: Motion (Single)

I released my new single "Motion" on all platforms (Instrumental Mix included)!

2022-11-25: Feathers (Mixtape)

Some of my older songs are finally released on Spotify & Co! You should check it out by clicking on the cover - you will then be taken to a link tree for streaming and downloading.

2022-10-23: My turn on "Need U"

Check out my participation in the #needuremixcontest

2022-09-23: The Common Potoo (EP)

My newest EP "The Common Potoo" is out now on all platforms. Stream & Download available, just click on the cover!

2022-09-09: New free FLP

There is a new and free FLP just for you!
Check it out by clicking on the cover.

2022-06-17: Final Space (EP)

"You are now entering Final Space!"
My newest EP is out now on all platforms. Stream & Download available, just click on the cover!

2022-03-25: SOUNDS LIKE UMAMI (EP)

What a taste! Out on 25 March 2022 on all platforms!

2021-11-26: Prélude (Album)

Nothing more than a Prélude... Well, that's actually not true. This album means a lot to me. It's filled with deep, melancholic melodies, soothing lofi elements and orchestral additions that round it all off. It's my Prélude, and nothing more than that. But for me, it is enough.

2021-11-05: New Remix out now!

Check out my new Remix from Mila Ziska's "Grey"!
You can listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music and many more - just click on the cover!

2021-09-01: My own Homepage


2021-04-23: RESONATE (Single)

My newest Single "RESONATE" is out on Spotify, iTunes etc.! You should check it out. Maybe...

2020-10-23: The Journey (Album)

There might be a concept for this EP, but I can't remember exactly...