Time for some thoughts, science and philosophy

From now on, I will work on a blog where I post some thoughts on topics that may be far away from music - but they don't have to be.

My master's thesis: Spread of antibiotic resistances in wastewater through transformation

You like bacteria? Cool, me too! If you want to find out more about what I do besides music, just click on the picture on the left.

(Blog entry from 08/03/2024)

A confrontation with the absurd

Existential philosophy, repression and the vision of the "√úbermensch". If you want to read a small essay about those topics, just click on this very cool Nietzsche!

(Blog entry from 21/11/2023)

Green tea and why you should drink it more

Some of the benefits of green tea. Just click on this AI-generated image of a cubist cup of green tea to find out more!

(Blog entry from 25/04/2023)